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We do Interactive design for creative agencies.

At Not Human, we design interfaces that scrolls, flips, slide and rotate, but for the week-end we like to go hiking on some quiet asteroids or take some rest in the Milky-Way.

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Client: Prophets
Brand: Crelan
Crelan - Wij Waren erbij

Tribute to Sven Nijs
Client: Your Agency
Brand: Mons 2015
Mons 2015 - European capital of culture

Cultural agenda
Client: FHV BBDO
Brand: Schiphol Airport
Schiphol - Destination Unknown

Game website
Client: Mortierbrigade
Brand: Adecco
Adecco Way To Work 2014

International platform
Client: Digizik
Brand: Digizik

Agency website
Client: Kiss
Brand: ONB/NOB
National Orchestra of Belgium

Agenda and info website
Client: Reed
Brand: Loulou

Movie and gaming website
Client: Digizik
Brand: Eden Charleroi
Eden Charleroi

Cultural agenda
Client: Prophets
Brand: Volkswagen
Beetle Cabrio

Event website
Client: JWT Brussels
Brand: JWT Brussels
JWT Brussels

Agency website
Client: Mortierbrigade
Brand: Adecco
Adecco Way to Work

International platform
Client: Bowling Brussels
Brand: Unibet

Soccer stats platform
Client: Rockerill Industry
Brand: Rockerill

Agenda website
Client: Mathieu Michaux
Brand: Prspx

Personal portfolio
Client: Sylvain Patte
Brand: Sylvain Patte
Sylvain Patte

Art/Gallery website
Client: Mortierbrigade
Brand: Mortierbrigade

Agency website
Client: Mortierbrigade
Brand: Wilkinson Sword
Wilkinson Sword

Corporate/brand website
Client: Quixyz
Brand: Stûv

Catalogue website


We design stuffs that scrolls, slides, flips and rotates.

Not Human designs cross-platform interfaces and offers interactive design solutions for creative agencies and developers.

Since 2009

Founded in 2009 by Mathieu Michaux, Not Human works for top advertising agencies and helps to create and design interactive campaigns for biggest brands.

Graphic & Interactive designers

We design interfaces, we don't make development. We know UI/UX, Css and responsive design and we deliver ready to slice PSD files.

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Give us a shout, we are chillin' at the campfire.

Live long and prosper.